MAE Rolltech Private Limited is engaged in the Design, Supply and Assembly of Pipe and Joint System. The Pipe and Joint System is based on the Toyota “ JUST IN TIME ” Concept.
MAE Rolltech, in a business tie–up with M/s. JUNG MIN METAL CO.,LTD ( FORMERLY WOO KYUNG ) of KOREA has served clients all over India .Our clients have appreciated us for promoting the Pipe and Joint system in our country & have eventually found solutions for many of their day to day problems.
Pipe and Joint System provides solutions towards modern Manufacturing and Warehousing.
Advantages of Pipe and Joint system :
  • Easy & Simple assembling and easy production without skilled labuor force.
  • Durable and cleanliness.
  • Pipes have excellent durability and can withstand chemical resistance & impact load.
  • Solution for accommodating the process lines and storage area in lesser space, there by maximum utilization of factory space.
  • Ease of correction in the structure possible after assembly , there by continous improvement is possible.
  • Easy handling of Raw material and assembled product as the raw material are made up of light Components.
  • Assembling requires minimum tools and no special tools are required.
  • No welding is involved and hence simple and safe production method for assembly.